Art Alcove

The design goal for this project was to transform an underutilized entry closet into much-needed space for displaying small sculptures. The solution is a uniquely detailed and finely crafted alcove where glass shelves float across a mirrored back wall. The new display brings sparkle and depth to the entry while also revealing all sides of the sculptures. The alcove is constructed from Eucalyptus, an FSC certified wood, its finish carefully selected to match the existing entry door.

In addition, a tall opening was designed for the foyer-kitchen wall to offer playful glimpses of the display alcove. As the before-and-after photographs show, a well-conceived lighting plan creates a warm and vibrant home by elegantly illuminating the artwork.

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Cat House

Pets hold a very special place in our hearts, and they are certainly deserving of their own personalized space within our homes. This cat house, with a playful nod to a birdhouse, was designed and built for the annual Humane Society fund raiser. There are multiple interior and exterior spaces for the owners to enjoy, while the numerous openings provide the occupants with the opportunity to keep an eye on nearby activities.

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