Herve Chapelier

This shop was the first retail outlet in the western United States for Herve´ Chapelier’s French-designed women’s bags. The ground floor location at Waikiki’s Royal Hawaiian Center posed a challenge with its dimly lit and unattractive interior space. Surprisingly, during the renovation process, an exterior glass panel was discovered behind a solid interior wall. A large window was placed in that wall to bring daylight into the shop and to attract the eye of mall shoppers with its view through tropical foliage towards the pink Royal Hawaiian Hotel. Cut coral veneer is used to invoke a sense of Hawaii while light-colored interior finishes, glass display cases, and LED accent lighting present an open and inviting space.

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Central Cafe

The goal for this project was to design a space with the welcoming warmth of an Arts & Crafts coffee house within the lobby of a modern high-rise office building. To call attention to this side hall location, a tall vertical signboard calls out to the office workers as they walk towards the elevator bank. Wood detailing, tile work, and stained-glass ceiling panels are incorporated to recall the richness of the Arts & Crafts era.