How Much does it Cost to Remodel in Hawaii?

Hawaii is one of the best vacation destinations across the world and that has an impact on property values and living standards in the region. High property value means that you need your property to be in the best form whether you’re reselling or not. However, before you start tearing down the property, you need to have a cost estimate for the remodel. Some of the factors affecting remodel costs include:

Remodeling type

There are some remodeling projects that require expert service providers but there are also others you can do on your own. Larger projects like home additions often cost more because of the level of expertise and resources required but home restoration projects like repainting cost less. 

Approach taken

If you choose to handle the remodeling project by yourself, you will end up spending less than you would if you hired a professional service provider. However, undertaking a DIY renovation project may not result in a professional finishing and that can end up costing you more in the long term.

Size of the project

A kitchen renovation project will not cost the same as a property extension addition project. The former may involve minor changes like cabinetry painting while the latter may involve changes to the property foundation, thereby costing more.

The cost of remodeling a residential property will also differ from the cost of renovating a commercial property. The answer to the question “how much does it cost to remodel in Hawaii?” is therefore between $10,000 and $120,000 which is the average range. However, the amount can be higher or lower depending on the above-named factors. 

Getting an exact cost estimate

The best way to find a definitive cost is to ask for a quotation from a design company. Lapis Design Partners are here to ensure you get a comprehensive quotation and the best renovation services to make your property stand out within your neighborhood. Our estimate covers every detail of the project and shows you exactly what your money is being spent on. We also have a systematic process that starts with us listening to you keenly and understanding your needs and ending with working together with you to ensure every step of the project is completed to your satisfaction.